Doris Dransch delegated to Belmont Forum by DFG und BMBF

Prof. Dr. Doris Dransch, GFZ

24.03.2014| Prof. Dr. Doris Dransch, Head of  Section 1.5 Geoinformatics of the GFZ German Research Center for Geosciences, was delegated by the German Research Foundation DFG, and the Ministry for Education and Research BMBF to the international working group „E-Infrastructure and Data Management“ of the Belmont Forum.

The Belmont Forum is a group of 14 of the world’s major funders of global environmental change research and international science councils (e.g. the Council for Science). It aims to deliver knowledge needed for action to avoid and adapt to detrimental environmental change including extreme hazardous events. The Belmont Forum has recognised a lack of coordinated research strategies and objectives between individual infrastructures and across disciplines and scales and by the growth of big and complex data to scales well beyond the capabilities of traditional data handling tools. For that reason the working group „E-Infrastructure and Data Management“ has been installed that should identify hurdles and research gaps and  formulate recommendations for further research activities.

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