Digital Earth received the special "Digital Science Award" at the Digital Leader Award 2020

On September 10, Digital Earth received the special "Digital Science Award" at the Digital Leader Award 2020 in the category "Society".

"Digital Earth - Towards SMART Monitoring and Integrated Data Exploration of the Earth System" is a central joint project of the Helmholtz Centers in the field of Earth and Environment. The aim of Digital Earth is to improve data-driven research through new approaches from computer science and data science so that interdisciplinary questions about the Earth system can be investigated in an integrative manner.

Digital Earth is led at the GFZ by Doris Dransch , Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics Section. The working groups around Doris Dransch and Bruno Merz , Section Hydrology, are significantly involved in Digital Earth with their developments to a Flood Event Explorer.

Since 2016, the Digital Leader Award has been presented to innovative projects that drive the digital transformation across industries. This year there were 83 applications with 24 finalists in five categories. Further finalists in various categories were Fraport, Infineon, BMW Group, Deutsche Lufthansa, Boehringer Ingelheim, Wacker Chemie.

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