Obituary for Sigmund Jähn: "Simply a cool guy."

He was the first German in space, one of the pioneers of remote sensing from space, and he was a friend of GFZ: Sigmund Jähn passed away on Saturday, 21 September.

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Two Helmholtz Innovation Labs will be established at GFZ Potsdam

"3D Underground Seismic Lab" and "FERN.Lab - Remote Sensing for Sustainable Use of Resources" are funded with a total of 3.8 million euros.

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Researchers see need for action on forest fire risk

New statistical approach: changes in forest fires in the 19th and 20th centuries were man-made.

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Personalia | James M. Anderson awarded Peter McGregor Prize

The "DiFX collaboration" with GFZ’s James M. Anderson won the Peter McGregor Prize for their achievements related to very-long-baseline interferometry (VLBI).

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Floods are impacted by a changing climate

A large international research project led by the Vienna University of Technology has demonstrated, for the first time on such a scale, that climate change is altering the magnitude of flood events.

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Time is of essence

Panel debate of the Association of Friends and Sponsors of the GFZ: Members of the Coal Commission urge haste in implementing recommendations.

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Interview | Seismology and seismic hazard assessement - Interview with Claus Milkereit

"Our course can only be a starting point" - Claus Milkereit leads the training course Seismology and Seismic Hazard Assessment at GFZ.

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Detecting hydrothermal vents in volcanic lakes

Combination of measurements shows hydrothermal vents below lake in Tanzania - Results may improve early warning.

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Personalia | Christoph Reigber receives the Levallois Medal 2019

The International Geodesy Association (IAG) awarded the Levallois Medal of the Year 2019 to Professor Christoph Reigber.

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Personalia | Kyriakos Balidakis has been awarded the Friedrich Robert Helmert Prize

Kyriakos Balidakis has been awarded the Friedrich Robert Helmert Prize.

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Additional News

María Chapela Lara

Humboldt Fellow María Chapela Lara in Section 3.3 Earth Surface Geochemistry

Oliver Bens

Oliver Bens new Co-Director of the Central - Asian Institute for Applied Geosciences...

Christoph Sens-Schönfelder joined the Editorial Board of the Geophysical Journal...

News | The DFG Priority Program DOME boosts ore deposit research at GFZ

Digital Earth received the special "Digital Science Award" at the Digital Leader Award...

Rebirth of a volcano

Giant particle accelerator in the sky

Drought in Europe decreases carbon uptake and crop yields

Failures of Germany‘s largest cliff coast sensed by seismometers

Artificial Intelligence Learns Continental Hydrology