Report | ICSU GeoUnions meeting in Potsdam

Lenkungsausschuss der ICSU GeoUnions (Foto: E. Gantz, GFZ).

05.09.2017: Last friday, the steering committee of the GeoUnions of the International Council for Sciences, ICSU, met at the GFZ. The meeting was hosted by the secretariat of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics, IUGG, which is based at the GFZ.

The GeoUnions are a consortium of nine international organizations of geosciences. The aim of the GeoUnions is to speak with one voice within the ICSU, of which it forms part. Their focus is on promoting geosciences and space sciences, and to coordinate joint interests against global organizations like the United Nations.

The meeting was opened by Reinhard Hüttl, GFZ Scientific Executive Director. During the meeting issues like a potential fusion of the ICSU and the International Social Science Council, ISSC, were discussed. Further topics were the advancement of sciences as a global collective good as well as strengthening the cooperation of different interdisciplinary ICSU programs and networks. The participants further discussed the 32rd ICSU General Assembly in October in Taipei, Republic of China. (ak)

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