Argentinean Ambassador Pedro Raúl Villagra Delgado visits the GFZ

Picture in the center, first row: Mayor of Potsdam Mike Schubert, Argentinean Ambassador Pedro Raúl Villagro, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. R.F. Hüttl, Prof. Dr. Leni Scheck-Wenderoth, Vice President of the University of Potsdam Prof. Florian J. Schweigert, in the historical library of the GFZ (photo: Christine Bismuth, GFZ).

The long-standing geoscientific research tradition between the Helmholtz Zentrum Potsdam GFZ German Research Center for Geosciences and Argentinean research institutions was the focus of the visit of the Argentinean Ambassador Pedro Raúl Villagra Delgado to the GFZ. He was accompanied by Potsdam's Lord Mayor Mike Schubert. One result of the meeting was the wish of all participants to further expand the cooperation of the GFZ and Science City Potsdam with Argentina in the future. The international research training group StRATEGy (Surface Processes, Tectonics and Georesources: The Andean foreland basin of Argentina) is run by the University of Potsdam and the GFZ and will be funded by the DFG and the Argentinean CONICET until 2021, provides an excellent basis for this. For that reason, the Vice President of the University of Potsdam, Prof. Florian Schweigert and Prof. Manfred Strecker from UP also attended the meeting.

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