Personalia | Marco Bohnhoff is now Executive Director of the ICDP

Prof. Marco Bohnhoff (Photo: J. Küppers, Freie Universität Berlin)

Marco Bohnhoff  has been appointed Executive Director of the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program ICDP.

The ICDP is the international geoscience infrastructure that enables land-based scientific drilling concerning various fundamental and application-oriented key issues. The drilling programme was founded in 1996 by Germany, the USA and China in Potsdam and has since been based at the GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences. Marco Bohnhoff heads Section 4.2 ‘Geomechanics and Scientific Drilling’ at the GFZ. He also holds a joint professorship for ‘Experimental and Borehole Seismology’ of the Free University of Berlin and GFZ.

The ICDP supports excellent international research teams all over the world. 21 countries and UNESCO are members of the ICDP. The annual budget is almost 4 million US dollars.

The Executive Director of the ICDP is appointed by the GFZ in coordination with the ‘Assembly of Governors’. Following his nomination, Marco Bohnhoff was unanimously elected as the new Executive Director. The central tasks of the Executive Director are external representation and the management of the operational business. He or she represents the programme, its policy, scientific objectives and orientations, coordinates the finances and is responsible for negotiations with current and potential future member states up to the conclusion of contracts with the respective country organisations and the GFZ. He or she also coordinates the Operational Support Group based at GFZ and manages the nomination process for the Science Advisory Group. (ph)

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