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Department 2: Geophysics

Geophysics in Department 2 at GFZ covers a broad range of temporal and spatial scales of geo­processes from deep Earth’s interior to the near-Earth space by observation and modeling and integrates fundamental and applied research in the geosciences. We develop and integrate state-of-the-art approaches to the management and analysis of big digital data for the imaging of the subsurface with geophysical methods and drive event forecasts and hazard and risk models. Examples are earthquake and volcanic processes and their effects on Earth’s surface and our habitat, including the potential drivers reaching deep into mantle geodynamics. We cover process chains such as the geomagnetic field originating from outer core dynamics that creates the magnetosphere controlling space weather. We study plate boundary dynamics that shapes fault networks which open pathways for fluid flow and geothermal systems. We combine expertise in all areas and disciplines of geophysics, from acquisition and processing of digital geophysical data with state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to data inversion and numerical and analogue modeling of processes and their joint interpretation. We have developed expertise in operating global networks and regional geophysical observatories with real-time data interpretation, conduct field experiments and task force missions under challenging conditions, contribute to magnetically oriented satellite mission, and operate the largest community pool for geophysical field equipment in Europe.

Our mission and activities are summarized in the movie "The mobile solid Earth - geophysical research from the Earth's core to the magnetosphere". This clip was produced by AGU-TV. You can find further clips on our  YouTube channel.

Sections of the Department Geophysics:

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