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GRANU 9501

The Northern part of line GRANU 9501 shows

  • in the SE part of the profile prominent, NW-dipping reflections at 2 s TWT,
  • good correlation with line DEKORP 3B/MVE-90,
  • structures traceable further to the SE below the Erzgebirge.

The central part of the profile shows

  • diffuse reflectivity in upper and middle crust due by nearby granites,
  • some few, continuous reflections between 9 - 10 s TWT.

The NW half shows

  • NW-dipping reflection events between 1-2 s TWT, => correlate with Vp ca. 6.5 km/s from refraction seismics,
  • strong reflection bands between 4.5 - 5.5 s TWT with SE dip.

GRANU 9502

The Erzgebirge is imaged on the SE half of line 9502

  • the SE end of the profile is less reflective in the uppermost crust,
  • strong, NW-dipping reflection bands between surface and 4 s TWT,
  • base of Norderzgebirge Basin in 1-2 s TWT,
  • fault structures separate granulites from Permo-Carboniferous basin,reflective lower crust.

The Granulite Massif is imaged on the NW half of line 9502

  • less reflective in upper seconds,
  • strong, dome-shaped reflection bands between 1.5 - 2.5 s TWT => correlate with refraction seismic high velocity layer (Vp ca. 6.5 km/s),
  • strong reflections bordering the granulites on either side (schist mantle),
  • sparse reflectivity between 5-8 s TWT.
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