Upper crust (from E to W)

  • strong reflections between 1 and 3 s TWT in the Rhine Graben area show
    • the asymmetry of the graben with a steep eastern flank and step-wise decreasing sediment thickness to the W,
    • subhorizontal layering of Quarternary and Tertiary sediments with a maximum thickness of 3400 m, intersected by several E-dipping normal faults,

  • diffuse reflectivity in the zone of the rhyolitic Donnerberg intrusion extending down to 2 s TWT
    • indication of magmatic sills penetrating Paleozoic sediments as well as the crystalline basement,

  • sub-horizontal reflections from 0.5 to 1.1 s TWT at the western end of the profile (Saar-Nahe Basin)
    • showing the layered trough fill,

  • NW-dipping reflections between 1.5 and 2 s TWT
    • internal structure of the Saar-Nahe Basin.

Lower crust (from E to W)

  • increased reflectivity starting between 5.0 and 5.5 s TWT beneath the Odenwald,
  • base of the reflective zone at 8.7 s TWT, presumably coinciding with the Moho,
  • poor reflectivity below the Rhine Graben fill, but strong deep crustal reflections beneath the Mainz Basin,
  • deepest horizontal reflection related to the Moho at 10.5 s TWT, truncated towards the graben axis,
  • E-dipping reflectors in the Saar-Nahe Basin between 4 and 6 s TWT, W-dipping reflectors between 8 and 9 s TWT


Upper crust (from W to E)

  • well defined and nearly continuous, NW-dipping reflectors in the Lorraine Basin
    • Permo-Carboniferous and Mesozoic fill of the Lorraine Basin with increasing thickness to the NW,

  • less continuous reflectors in the Rhine Graben between 0 and 2 s TWT
    • syn-rift sediments and the underlying pre-rift Mesozoic platform sequence,

  • east-dipping master fault of the western graben boundary can be traced down to 2 s TWT where it merges with a zone of short, east dipping reflectors.

Lower crust (from E to W)

  • flat lying and gently NW-dipping reflectors below the Black Forest and the Vosges Mountains, but a strong loss in reflectivity within the Rhine Graben,
  • bright reflector ranging from 8.7 s TWT beneath the Black Forest to 8.0 s TWT below the graben and increasing to 10 s TWT in the Lorraine Basin area => Moho discontinuity.
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