Our topics and fields of application

GFZ transfer management is aimed at the economic requirements of the application of results. In addition to this focus, we track interdisciplinary developments with new areas of application. Research at the GFZ is focussed on the following application fields:

Geoinformation technologies

The GFZ acquires and maintains extensive collections of spatial data for a wide range of topics, space and time scales.

We specifically prepare and evaluate these for users and customers:

  • Geodata management and communication in real time
  • Methods and tools for geodata analysis and evaluation
  • Methods and tools for visualization of geodata
  • IT infrastructure and cloud computing

Natural disaster management

  • Instruments for the assessment of hazards and the vulnerability of infrastructure
  • System solutions for early warning systems
  • Acute management of geo-catastrophes

Example research projects with commercial application:

  • Risk maps for natural hazards in Germany
  • Earthquakes and earthquake hazards in Europe
  • SOSEWIN monitoring and early warning system

Land use management

Increasingly diverse methods and applications are making use of limited available land surface and are competing with one another. Planned and unplanned anthropogenic influences have changed and are changing natural spaces. The management of this scarce resource is also the subject of the research activities at the GFZ with a high application potential

  • New methods for the analysis and prognosis of effects of land use (urban, environmental planning, industrial infrastructure, agriculture)
  • Analysis and forecast of geological environmental influences in the underground and on the surface of the Earth
  • Climate change on the functions of land and natural spaces


  • Analysis and evaluation of deposits
  • Utilization concepts for mineral resources, hydrocarbons, groundwater, geothermal energy
  • ew methods of geophysical exploration of resources


  • Geotechnical development of the geological substrate
  • Design and monitoring of economic use of georeservoirs (geothermal energy, storage)
  • Sensors for geotechnology
  • New components and system solutions for geothermal energy production


Jörn Krupa
Group Leader
Dr.-Ing. Jörn Krupa
Staff Scientific Executive Board
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14473 Potsdam
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