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Fluid monitoring (FluMo) to reduce outages and errors during operatio.

We introduce a newly developed system for the measurement of chemical and physical fluid properties in real time.

Areas of application

FluMo enables the online recording of physico-chemical fluid parameters at several pick-up points along the main cable of an above-ground geothermal system.

Technology potential

  • Flow device with sensors for the measurement of pressure, temperature, flow rate, density, pH value, the redox potential and the oxygen content
  • Process temperature and pressure up to 150 °C or 15 bar
  • Fluid sampling under in-situ conditions for chemical analysis
  • Acquisition of quantitative statements about fixed material precipitation, corrosion processes, or oxygen entries during operation

Current development status

  • Prototypical system with high development potential
  • Functionality tested successfully in the Groß Schönebeck research bore site under operating conditions


  • GFZ as research partner in geothermal projects
  • Evaluation of measurement technology and sensors under operating conditions
  • Technical experimental consultation for research and industry

Competence cluster fluids at the GFZ - technology and process expertise

Warning of seismic activity such as earthquakes in near real time

We offer an innovative concept and the technical implementation of an earthquake early warning system and information network. Based on the "smart grid" concept, the system consists of affordable separate sensors that operate independently and issue warnings. The sensors are networked via Wi-Fi and communicate independently with each other. The analysis of the measurements is decentralized; the network reorganizes itself in the event that individual nodes fail and remains operational.

Areas of application

  • The monitoring of seismic activities in urban and rural areas
  • Integration of the system into existing information networks
  • Extension and adaptation of the system for the monitoring of static properties and instability of buildings and bridges (in development)

Technology potential

  • Standard sensor nodes as a self-sufficient system with CPU (WRAP board), Wi-Fi, flash cards, analogue/digital converter and GPS system for time keeping and positioning
  • Expandable as a base for a multi-sensor node with additional sensors for the measurement of physical parameters
  • Analysis, evaluation and visualization software of the P and S seismic waves customizable for new applications

Current development status

  • Prototype system repeatedly and successfully in use
  • Installation and commissioning of a network for early seismic warnings in Istanbul
  • Additional installation and measurements on bridges in Potsdam (Lange Brücke) and Istanbul with 24 single nodes (Fatih Sultan Achmet bridge for the determination of individual frequencies and vibration characteristics of the bridge)
  • Total system is in-house development of the GFZ in close collaboration with the Department of Computer Science[NP1]  at the Humboldt University of Berlin