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In-situ measurement and chemical sampling of gases in deep drill holes using a gas membrane sensor system

We provide a process and a tool for the real-time measurement and sampling of dissolved gases in deep, water-filled holes or wells. The patented technology has a relatively simple structure and has no electronic components. This makes use in saline groundwater and formation providers possible. The probe has been in continuous use since June 2008.

Areas of application

The gas membrane sensor system is generally suitable for the detection of gases like hydrogen, helium, methane, nitrogen, oxygen, krypton and carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds.

Technology potential

  • In-situ measurement of gases in real time
  • Patented process for drilling depths from 50 to 2,000 metres
  • No electronic components

Current development status

  • Probe and procedures have proven themselves in multiple field trials
  • The GFZ development workshop produced the probe as a prototype

Our Offer

  • GFZ as subcontractor in comparable projects
  • Service providers for measurement of gases sought
  • Manufacturing companies for the probe sought

Measurement with DTS sensor cable and electronic probes during the injection and mining in boreholes

A novel hybrid measuring system was developed at the GFZ. It enables combined measurements with electronic sensors and fibre optic sensors in deep boreholes. Distributed temperature sensing (DTS) along the entire measurement cable enables the continuous measurement of the temperature distribution along the entire cable. The probe head measures pressure, temperature and flow rate. Moreover, the probe head has an integrated gamma-ray detector and a casing-collar locator for depth correlation.

The overall system consists of a borehole measuring winch, special borehole measuring cables (up to 6000 m in length) and cable heads, fibre-optic and electronic sensors, as well as the evaluation software.

Areas of application

  • At depths with temperatures of up to 150 °C and at pressures of more than 500 bar 
  • In fluids with high salinity

Technology potential

  • High temperature stability in the measurement and data transmission
  • Expandable with additional optical and electronic sensors
  • High-temperature applications in fibre-optic based components (currently up to 300 degrees Celsius)
  • Current development status
  • Successful field trials of the system in the Groß Schönebeck research bore site 
  • Prototypical system with high development potential
  • Provided integration of additional fibre-optic sensors
  • Special system components produced in the GFZ development workshop

Our Offer

  • Usage of the system for measuring campaigns in drilling projects
  • Cooperation with partners from research and industry