The GFZ promotes company spin-offs for its employees with the aim of transferring research and development results into commercial practice.

Production and distribution of independent geodata recorders

 Omnirecs is a spin-off from the GFZ, founded in 2011. Fields of business include the production and sale of seismic recorders and complete sensor cable recorder solutions, as well as seismic sources (falling weight).

Consulting and software development in rock mechanics and geomodelling

The determination of rock properties and the complex stress field modelling complement the geomechanical consulting, which runs from geophysical foundations, to stability analysis, to comprehensive system evaluation for drilling planning and activities.

The focus is users from the geothermal, mineral extraction, hydrocarbon and mechanical engineering industry. geomecon GmbH was founded in 2004 by senior staff from the GFZ.

Consulting and software development for geomonitoring and early natural disaster warnings.

gempa develops tailor-made solutions for the monitoring of critical infrastructures and developed the seismological monitoring software seiscomp3.

Consulation for hydrocarbon deposits and reservoir modelling

GEOS4 offers consulting services for the upstream sector of the oil industry. GEOS4 is specialized in the prediction of the chemical composition and the physical properties of oil during the exploration and production phase.

Advice for better predictions of oil and natural gas deposits

Sponsored by the Helmholtz Association, this company WIPS specializes in processes between pore water, rocks and gases in oil and natural gas deposits. Processes influence the formation and quality, as well as the possible behaviour of fossil fuels during the extraction.

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