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For good togetherness

Social sustainability is one aspect of sustainable action. It puts people and society at the center. Social sustainability is the "human" of the "three pillars of sustainability". It ranks equally with the ecological and economic aspects, which together characterize a sustainable organization.

The GFZ makes great efforts to provide its employees with a creative, productive and long-term fulfilling as well as healthy working atmosphere. This includes, among other things, the equal treatment of people of all genders, the compatibility of work and family, the constant qualification or also the handling of conflicts. Our DNK statement provides a comprehensive overview of the aspect of social sustainability at the GFZ.

The preservation and further development of team spirit at the GFZ is particularly important. In the past, this was the prerequisite for the extraordinarily successful development of the center – and will continue to be so in the future. Continuous reflection on one's own actions, a special responsibility of the leaders and also trying out "new" forms of community – here keywords such as "trust", "openness" or also "courage to experiment" – are of great importance.



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