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Green Campus Initiative

The Green Campus Initiative is an open association of employees from all GFZ departments that was founded in 2015. It acts as the voice for sustainability, collecting information, ideas, and suggestions on a wide variety of topics related to everyday work and campus design in order to pass them on to the appropriate departments. Green Campus tries to create sustainability awareness among the entire GFZ workforce through targeted actions.  

For example, on-campus bicycle coding by the police and the annual city cycling program are intended to encourage employees to ride their bikes more in order to get to work in a cost-effective, climate-neutral manner – given the location of the campus on the Telegrafenberg, a small sporting challenge that also benefits fitness. Green Campus also advocates for a regular adjustment of the bus times of the Telegrafenberg Line 691 to the needs of GFZ employees in order to make the use of public transport more attractive.

In addition, Green Campus members are involved at various levels in the field of sustainability and climate protection, for example in the development of the sustainability strategy for the GFZ, in the Helmholtz-wide Helmholtz Climate Neutral Network, or in the Berlin-Brandenburg regional group of Scientists for Future (in German only).

This is us, this is our aspiration:

We want to create a greener and more sustainable campus life!

We provide impulses and work towards a strong awareness of sustainability on the Telegrafenberg!

We communicate at eye level & with fun in the matter!

Our members come from the most diverse areas of the GFZ, true to the motto: Diversity broadens horizons!

Change needs voices that are committed to making a difference.



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