Helmholtz Open Science Coordination Office

The library is hosting the Helmholtz Open Science Coordination Office and is an active member of the 'Arbeitskreis Open Science in der Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft'.

Since 2005 the Helmholtz Open Science Coordination Office is supporting scientists as well as their respective Helmholtz Centres in the implementation of open science. A dedicated newsletter and the Helmholtz Open Science Workshops are only two examples of how the Coordination Office is giving information and advice about new developments, strategies, and ideas.

One example of the successful work are the institutional repositories that most Helmholtz Centres are now running. These openly accessible document servers contain a significant and steadily growing share of the scientific publications of the Helmholtz Association.

Regular workshops support the development of an open science community inside the Helmholtz Association, including scientists who serve as editors or members of the review board of open access journals, advancing the idea of open science in their Helmholtz Centres.

Open access to research data will in future be an indispensable part of scientific work and will generate a considerable added value to science. Even today, data sharing is highly important for the many research centres within the Helmholtz Association.


Dr. Christoph Bruch, Tel.: +49 331 288-28761, Mail: christoph.bruch@os.helmholtz.de 
Heinz Pampel, Tel.: +49 331 288-1948, Mail: heinz.pampel@os.helmholtz.de 
Kaja Scheliga, Tel.: +49 331 288-28989, Mail: kaja.scheliga@os.helmholtz.de
Dr. Paul Schultze-Motel, Tel. +49 0331 288-1653, Mail paul.schultze-motel@gfz-potsdam.de, paul.schultze-motel@os.helmholtz.de
Paul Vierkant, Tel.: +49 331 288-28617, Mail: paul.vierkant@os.helmholtz.de 

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