International Scientists at GFZ

The international research structure and the interdisciplinary environment create for international scientists from all over the world an ideal opportunity for a stay at GFZ. GFZ attracts both the young academic or the renowned scientist. In the frame of the Helmholtz recruiting initiative GFZ was able to attract a number of international scientists.

Currently, we have international scientists from 57 countries. China takes the lead with over 60 scientists, followed by Italy, North America, France and Great Britain. 

Most of the international scientists are here at GFZ for a PhD or for Post Doc studies. This documents our engagement for young academics and for the enlargement of our international cooperation. 



Joint Publications Status January 2018

The number of international publications with participation of GFZ reflects the international cooperation network at GFZ. Strongest publication partners were institutions from our European partners, especially from France, Great Britain and Italy as well as scientific institutions from the U.S. In recent years we have observed a constant rise of international publications. This success is as well due to our constant internationalization efforts. 

Our top partner for publications is the CNRS, followed by the ETH Zürich.  The list of the individual publications partners underpins the scientific excellence of our partner institutions and is a proof for the outstanding position GFZ has in geosciences.