Helmholtz-CNR (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche) meeting in Roma

The 23rd and the 24th of February 2015 a joint workshop with research institutes of the Cosiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, (CNR) was held in Roma. The CNR and the GFZ were the coorganisators of the workshop. 15 scientists from the Helmholtz Association Research Centers and 15 from the CNR participated respectively in the event. Enrico Brugnoli, Director, Department of Earth Sciences and Environmental Technologies and Reinhard Hüttl, Chairman of the Board and Scientific Executive Director welcomed the participants. 

Overarching aim of the workshop was, to look into further opportunities for scientific cooperation between the Helmholtz Association and Italian research institutions. The research field "earth and environment" was the central theme of the workshop under which the creation of a project overarching forum was discussed. The status quo of already existing projects was highlighted. The participants defined synergies and developed  new ideas for coordinated initiatives. The event served also as a trigger for further activities. 

"Research in Germany" Science Tour December 2014

Science Tour 2014 "Modeling the Future"

On the occasion of the Year of Science 2014 "Digital Society", launched by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has invited international scientists and administrators to learn more about research activities in the area of modelling future scenarios at German universities and research institutes. 

On the 4th of December 2014 an international delegation was welcomed at the GFZ. Two lectures within the thematic section " Modeling the future" were given. Following the presentations and the discussions the  historical "Telegrafenberg" was presented to the participants during a guided tour. 

Further informations on the Science Tour 2014 "Modeling the future" are presented here

GFZ-Collaboration with countries from South and Central Asia consolidated

Workshop attendees

Almaty, October 27, 2014: German Ambassador H.E. Dr. Guido Herz opened the Workshop for Regional Cooperation in Seismology and Earthquake Engineering in South and Central Asia" today in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

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10 years Central Asian Institute for Applied Geosciences, CAIAG

With an international conference on September 8/9, 2014, GFZ and the international community celebrated the 10-year anniversary of CAIAG


30.6.2014: President of the Geological Survey of Japan at GFZ

Prof. Hüttl (right) and Dr. Tsukuda (left)

On 30.6.2014 the Director General of the Geological Survey of Japan, Dr. Eikichi Tsukuda, visited our centre. The negotiations suggested several ideas for a future collaboration, e.g. in Satellite-Research and Riskmanagement.

GFZ-Cooperation with Azerbaijan

Historical city with Skyline of Baku

Between June 16.-18 2014 a small GFZ-Delegation visited Baku, on invitation of the German Embassy. Overall goal was to negotiate scientific collaborations with the Aserbaijan National Academy of Science. A major result of the negotiations was, to start a bilateral pilot on seismic hazard assessment in early 2015. On the DAAD-event "Research in Germany" Ludwig Stroink, presented GFZ and the Helmholtz-Association. More than 100 young scientists who intend to go to Germany for education and research participated in the meeting.

Extending GFZ-collaborations with Russia

The participants of the two Workshops: above: Meeting with the Vernadsky-Foundation; below: Workshop on "Mineral Resources".

Two bilateral conferences at GFZ will support enhanced collaborations of GFZ with Russian research institutions.

On 2.-4. April 2014 the conference "Research on Sustainability - a Russian-German Dialogue" marked the kick-off of the "International Year" of the Russian Vernadsky-Foundation. Co-organized by GFZ, the Vernadsky-Foundation and the Helmholtz Office Moscow the meeting opened new perspectives for bilateral collaborations in the field of "Research on Sustainability" Part of the meeting was a Science Talk on "Energy and Environment - new challenges for society, science and economy".

On 5. - 6. May 2014 scientists and industry representatives from Tomsk, Krasnojarsk and Novosibirsk met representatives from German universities and research institutions to discuss potential perspectives for research collaborations in the field of "Mineral Resources".

13.2.2014: Consultations between GFZ and the French Embassy in Berlin

From right to left: Prof. Dr. O. Oncken, Dr. L. Stroink, Prof. R. Hüttl, Dr. F. Rivière-Bourhis, Prof. J. Lewandowska, C. Guyot

On February 13 2014 the new counselor for Science and Technology in the French Embassy, Dr. Florence Riviere-Bourhis and Prof. Jolanta Lewandowska, new Science-Attachee, visited GFZ. They recently took over their positions from Dr. Mathieu Weiss und Dr. Stephane Roy. Goal of the meeting with Prof. Hüttl and relevant GFZ-scientists, was to confirm and extend the excellent relationship between GFZ and respective research institutions in France. 

10.2.2014: Visit from Kasakhstan

Visit of the Kasakh Delegation at GFZ. Centre: Prof. Shigeo Katsu, and Prof. Stefano Parolai.

On 10.02.2014 Shigeo Katsu, President of the Nasarbajew University in Astana, Kasakhstan visited GFZ. He was informed on the several projects, GFZ is conducting in Central Asia, a.o. on "Seismic Risk" und "Waterresearch".

14.11.2013: Dealing with Natural Hazards - German-Italian Partnership on Seismic Risk Reduction (Kopie 1)

Mehr als 70 hochrangige Vertreter aus Wissenschaft, Wirtschaft und Politik kamen zu der gemeinsam von GFZ und Italienischer Botschaft ausgerichteten Veranstaltung Dealing with Natural Hazards - German-Italian Partnership on Seismic Risk Reduction, die am 14.11.2013 in der Italienischen Botschaft zu Berlin stattfand. In 12 Fachvorträgen und einer abschließenden Podiumsdiskussion diskutierten die Fachleute neueste Möglichkeiten des Risiko- und Krisenmanagement am Beispiel der Erdbebenvorsorge. 


14.11.2013: Dealing with Natural Hazards - German-Italian Partnership on Seismic

More than 70 attendees from universities, research institutions, insurance companies, national and international agencies, international embassies and other decision makers came to the Italian Embassy on November, 14 to participate in the joint German-Italian event on "Dealing with natural hazards". The meeting intensified the already successful cooperation between GFZ and Italian research institutions but also initiated new and extended forms of collaborations, not only with regards to the bilateral activities, but also regarding joint European efforts in the upcoming "Horizon 2020".

11.10.2013: Visit of Prof. Anne Glover at GFZ

from left to right: Dr. L. Stroink, Prof. A. Liebscher, Prof. A. Glover, Prof. B. Horsfield, Prof. R. Hüttl, Dr. U. Schneider

On October, 11, 2013 Anne Glover,  Chief Scientific Adviser to the European Commission, visited GFZ.The discussions centered around recent GFZ research activities on georesources, natural hazards and the earth's magnetic field. Main result of the negotiations was to foster the European collaboration in these thematic fields.    

21.10.2013: Besuch Prof. Anne Glover am GFZ (Kopie 1)

Am 21.10. 2013 besuchte Prof. Anne Glover, Chief Scientific Adviser to the European Commission das GFZ.  Im Mittelpunkt der Gespräche standen aktuelle Forschungsergebnisse des GFZ zu den Themen Georessourcen, Naturgefahren und Magnetfeldforschung und Möglichkeiten für eine zukünftig engere europäische Zusammenarbeit in diesen Themenkomplexen.

11.10.2013: MoU between GFZ and China Academy of Space Technology, CAST

Prof. Schuh and Prof. Qiu Zhiwei after the signing ceremony

On the occasion of the 10 year anniversary of the Helmholtz Office in Beijing, Prof. Dr. Schuh, Director of Department 1 "Geodesy and Remote Sensing" at GFZ and Prof. Qiu Zhiwei of the China Academy of Space Technology, CAST, signed a MoU between the two research institutions. Overall aim of the MoU is to foster joint research in the field of space based earth observation and the support of young scientists.

30.09.13: Visit of the New Zealand Ambassador, H. E. Peter Rider, to the GFZ

Ambassador Peter Rider and Dr. Stefan Schwartze after the successful meeting at GFZ.

On September 30, 2013, the New Zealand ambassador, Peter Rider, visited GFZ with a New Zealand - German science delegation. He was welcomed by Dr. Stefan Schwartze, Administrative Executive Director, at GFZ. Based on an already existing broad collaboration between GFZ and New Zealand research institutions, like in the field of paleo climate research, it was agreed to evaluate additional opportunities to foster joint research.

19.9.2013: Taiwanese Science Delegation at GFZ

On September, 19, 2013 a high level science delegation from the National Applied Research Laboratories, NATLabs, visited GFZ. Established in 2003 the NARLabs has combined 11 international renowend research institutions into an independent non-profit institute. Thus NATLabs is one of the most important research organisations in Taiwan. The very constructive discussions between GFZ-scientists and the NARLabs delegation, lead by the Vice President Tung-Yang Chen focussed mainly on future opportunities to foster the collaboration between the two research institutes. Further meetings on the operational level are planned.

Colombian business delegation visits GFZ

On June, 12 2013 a Colombian business delegation, headed by the colombian ambassador in Berlin, Juan Mayr Maldonado, visited GFZ. Main focus of the bilateral talks was the discussion on improving the collaboration of GFZ with colombian energy suppliers in the field of fossil fuels research.