Interactive world map of GFZ-collaborations


In order to fulfill its mission - the profound understanding of System Earth - the GFZ has always had a worldwide network of international cooperation. Currently, the GFZ maintains formal partnerships with research institutions and companies in more than 70 nations.

The interactive world map presents the international, contractually regulated research cooperations of the GFZ. Find out more about the worldwide network of the GFZ.

Hints on how to use the world map:

The intensity of the blue coloration gives first information about the number of cooperations in the individual countries. If you move the mouse over the individual countries, a first overview of the cooperations appears, then click into the country, an overview of the cities appears in the upper right corner, if you click on the city names in a further step, the partner institutes located there appear. If you click on the partner institutes, information on the cooperation agreements will appear with a link to the contact at the GFZ. You can enlarge or reduce the world map according to your needs and move it with the mouse up and down the page. To do this, you must hold down the left mouse button and then move the map.


Christine Bismuth