Help for Geoscientists affected by war

We condemn the war of aggression on the Ukraine and the associated breach of international law on the part of the Russian and Belarusian governments. We fully support the sanctions imposed by the German government and its international partners. Many of our employees and we ourselves are affected, sometimes directly because families or friends live in combat zones; others have work or personal ties to Ukraine or Russia. People from around 60 nations, including Ukraine and Russia, have been working together excellently and collegially at the GFZ for many years. Our research and joint projects aim to solve urgent challenges for humanity: safety from natural hazards, adaptation to climate change, resources for a sustainable future - this is work that advances peace and stability.

Research depends on international exchange and peaceful cooperation. The Russian government has ordered the invasion of a neighbouring country and engulfed Ukraine in war. People have to flee because of this, people are dying. Free exchange is no longer possible. We therefore cannot continue to work on joint projects with partners from Russia as before. We have immediately stopped all cooperation with Russian state agencies and cancelled dialogue formats. Our hope is that it will be possible to cooperate with our colleagues in Russia again in the future.

We are in solidarity with the people in Ukraine and call for solidarity and support for the Ukrainian people.

    Support for Geoscientists in War Zones

    On these pages we provide links and documents that might be useful for (geo)scientists from Ukraine and those who support them. Many of the links are also useful for refugees from other war-affected countries and politically persecuted researchers.

    Are you a geoscientist and need further help or advice on professional matters? Please contact Dr. Ludwig Stroink.

    Selected links and statements (will be updated regularly)

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