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Representatives of the Iranian National Cartografic Centre (NCC) visited the GFZ to jointly discuss potentials of future collaborations in the field of Environmental and Climate research. On the occasion of a reception given by the Iranian Ambassador, H.E. Ali Majedi, in his residence, the Scientific Executive Director of the GFZ, Prof. Dr. R. Hüttl, and Prof. Ardalan, Director of the NCC, signed a respective Memorandum of Understanding. 

During his visit, Prof. Alireza A. Ardalan, together with Prof Harald Schuh, Director of GFZ-department “Geodesy and Remote sensing”, and other leading scientists of the GFZ discussed on a potential collaboration between the two research centres, before the Memorandum of Understanding was signed in the evening. The multitude of instruments for space based earth observation available at the GFZ forms the scientific and technological basis for the future collaboration.

Since then two bilateral workshops have been organized. The first took place at the GFZ from the 27th to the 28th January 2016. During the first day the possibilities of the exploration and integrative Management of (deep) groundwater resources were discussed with the representatives of the Iranian Ministry of Energy. The use of geothermal energy and the possibilities for CCS were the topics of the second day.

The 6th of July 2016 a workshop took place with the Forest, Range and Watershed Management (FRW) Office of Iran. Here soil protection and soil conservation themes were in the focus of the bilateral discussions. Topics for joint research activities in the areas of soil and water protection were defined. The opportunities to contribute to the UNESCO center for soil erosion studies in Tehran were further discussed. 

Dr. Ludwig Stroink participated from the 8th to 12th August 2016 at a fact finding mission of the BMBF, to elaborate the opportunities for bilateral cooperations. 

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