Global network

To fulfil its mission – the exploration of System Earth - the GFZ has always had a worldwide network of international cooperation.

interactive world map

The GFZ maintains scientific-technological cooperations with more than 70 countries. 1/3 of our scientists come from abroad. This makes the GFZ one of the most international centers of the Helmholtz Association. Find out more about our worldwide network on our interactive world map.


  • coordinate the international activities of the GFZ
  • support our scientists with information on target countries and potential partner institutions
  • offer comprehensive funding advice for international activities
  • support - together with the legal department - the preparation or extension of cooperation agreements (MoU) with foreign research institutions
  • plan and organize fact-finding missions to establish and intensify contacts with foreign research institutions and universities
  •  maintain regular contact with German missions abroad and foreign embassies in Berlin
  •  coordinate and supervise visits of international delegations to the GFZ
  • are in regular contact with our Welcome Center
  • provide country information, e.g. in the run-up to business trips and expeditions; in these cases it is essential to contact the "Travel Risk Management" department (link to intranet)
  • represent the interests of the GFZ in national and international committees ("International Affairs" working group of the Helmholtz Association"; "Round Tables on Scientific and Technological Cooperation of the Federal Government, WTZ", etc.)
  • make direct contributions to "International Research Marketing" and to "Science Diplomacy • Cooperation International

Kooperation International

Kooperation international is part of the German government's strategy for the internationalization of science and research, which is coordinated by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The portal provides information on international research, innovation and cooperation and links funding, research and education organizations.


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