Cascade Model

Although more women than men graduate from university nowadays, they are not equally represented in the world of careers in science. In fact, women's share of positions in science decreases the higher the level of such a position. This has to change.

The Helmholtz Association agreed to introduce flexible target ratios for the shares of female employees, following the cascade model. According to this model, the actual ratio of a career stage becomes the ideal ratio for the next career stage.

The respective time frame for reaching the target ratios is 5 years. Target ratios are a result of the ideal ratios which are then being weighted with the actual new vacancies on the respective career stage and other factors. Each Helmholtz centre has its own target quotas.

For the present time frame, the GFZ committed itself on higher target ratios than the calculated target ratios. Meeting the self-imposed target ratios is a serious challenge, but one that is realistic. This illustrates the GFZ's motivation to establish equal opportunites through its personnel policy.

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