10. PhD Day at the GFZ Potsdam

Group picture of participants



Innovative Talks

Best Innovative Talk: Sascha Kuske (Sektion 3.2)

"Rock Oil: Society‘s Lifeline"


EGU Talks

Best EGU Talk: Øystein Thordén Haug (Sektion 4.1)

  “Mobility and Energy Budget of Fragmenting Rockfalls and Rockslides”


A0 Poster

Best A0 Poster: Volker Ziegs (Sektion 3.2)  

  “Deep carbon cycles: Heterogeneity of organic matter distribution in marine black shales”  


2nd best A0 Posters:

Shengyu Yang (Sektion 3.2)  

  “Kinetics of primary and secondary petroleum generation of the Bowland Shale”  


Henriette Wilke (Sektion 5.4)

"The hydrology of a young morain area in NE Germany: A multi-method approach"


EGU Poster

Best EGU Poster: Tobias Weber (Sektion 1.3) 

  “Is the Eocene's climate affected by ocean tides?”  


2nd Best EGU Poster: Mike Priegnitz (Sektion 3.1)  

  “Three dimensional monitoring of hydrate formation and dissociation using a cylindrical electrical resistivity array”