12. PhD Day at the GFZ Potsdam

Group picture of participants


EGU Talks

Best EGU Talk:

David Uhlig (Sektion 3.3)  

“Quantifying nutrient uptake as driver of rock weathering in forest ecosystemsby magnesium stable isotopes”

Johannes Petereit (Sektion 1.3)  

“Identifying ENSO's footprints in the oceanic tidal magnetic field”  

EGU Posters

Best EGU Posters:

Juan Sebastian Cervantes-Villa (Sektion 2.3)  

“Validation of three-dimensional data assimilation and reanalysis of radiationbelt electrons”

Maximilian Frick (Sektion 6.1)  

“3D thermohydraulic modeling of the coupling of surface water bodies to thesubsurface below the major urban center of Berlin”  

A0 Posters

Best A0 Posters:

Bernhard Schuck (Sektion 4.2)  

“Fault core deformation mechanisms deduced from microstructures, mineralogy and geochemistry of the Alpine Fault, New Zealand”

Eva Bredow (Sektion 2.5)  

“Geodynamic models of the Iceland mantle plume”

Carina Haeger (Sektion 1.3)  

“Tectonic fragmentation of the Antarctic lithosphere as revealed by the analysisof effective elastic thickness variations” 


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