7th PhD Day of the GFZ 2012

This year, for the first time, the annual PhD day of the GFZ took place in spring and thus before the EGU in Vienna. In this way, the PhDs could test their presentation planed for the conference and gain feedback to their concept. 

Awards for the best posters

1. Georg Spiekermann (3.3) "Vibrational properties of silica species in MgO-SiO2 glasses from ab initio molecular dynamics"

2. Björn-Onno Kaiser (4.4) "Heat transport processes within the NEGB and their sensitivity to the resolution of the mesh - results from 3D numerical simulations"

3. Elena Tillner (Centre for CO2 Storage) "From competition to synergy - linking geothermal systems with geological CO2 storage"

Awards for the best Talks

Best EGU Talk: Peter Bergmann (Centre for CO2 Storage) "Combining geoelectrics and seismics using a structural constrained inversion approach with an application at the CO2 pilot storage Ketzin (Germany)"

2nd best EGU Talk: Elvira Mulyukova (2.5) "Numerical Modeling of the Deep Mantle Convection: Accuracy of the Tracer Methods"

Grandma Talk: Ilya Ostanin (4.3) "Hydrocarbon plumbing system above the Snøhvit gas field, Hammerfest Basin SW Barents Sea: evidence of structural control."

Audience Award for best poster

Kristina Tietze (2.2) "3D magnetotelluric inversion in presence of a 2D regional conductivity structure"