The Helmholtz Juniors (HeJus) were founded as initiative to represent the interests of the PhD candidates at all 18 Centres in the Helmholtz Association, Germany’s largest non-university scientific organisation. The Helmholtz-Juniors currently represent the interests of about 6800 doctoral researchers. Their primary goals are fostering exchange and networking among their peers, improving the conditions they work in and expanding the range of advanced training opportunities available to them within the Helmholtz Association. The Helmholtz Juniors want to contribute their ideas and experiences when the Helmholtz Association plans their support for young researchers and take the chance of thematic and interdisciplinary cooperation that is offered by the vast spectrum of research fields in Helmholtz. Helmholtz Juniors are supported by the Helmholtz Head Office and the different centres. Every doctoral researcher can be part of the Helmholtz Juniors. The work is organized in different working groups dealing with specific topics. Of course, new ideas and suggestions are always welcome. If you want to participate in the Helmholtz Juniors, contact the Helmholtz Juniors at your institute (members of Helmholtz Juniors), the speaker of the working groups or your PhD representatives.

Heidelberg (DKFZ), 2017
Oberpfaffenhofen (DLR), 2016
Bremerhaven, 2015
Dresden, 2014
Berlin, 2013
Karlsruhe, 2012
Hamburg, 2011
München, 2010
Braunschweig, 2009
Jülich, 2008
Heidelberg, 2007

Once every year, the Helmholtz Juniors of all Helmholtz centers get together to exchange views on current developments and to plan common actions and initiatives. This year's meeting took place at DKFZ in Heidelberg.

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