GFZ as an Employer

Employees of the GFZ can have a say in their working conditions. Their interests are protected by the employee committee, the youth and trainees council JAV (Jugend- und Ausbildungsvertretung), and the doctoral students' representative group. The representative body for disabled employees and the equal opportunities officer are also involved in ensuring fair working conditions for everyone.

GFZ employees find more detailed information within the GFZ intranet

Staff Council

Chair: Dr. Andrea Vieth-Hillebrand, Deputy: Dr. Robert Ondrak

The staff council is made up of elected members who represent employees' interests. It ensures compliance with legal norms, collective labour agreements, and administrative regulations on behalf of the employees.


Equal Opportunities Commissioner

Chair: PD Dr. Ute Weckmann, Deputies: Dr. Judith Schicks, Meike Holdorff, Dr. Simona Regenspurg, Christine Bismuth, Assistant: Danielle Tölg

The equal opportunities commissioner advocates an increase in the proportion of women in science and research, and especially in management positions, and is on hand with help and advice for all female employees.


Representative Body for Disabled Employees

Chair: Sabine Thiel, Deputy: Michael Gabriel, Ariane Siebert

The representative body for disabled employees seeks the integration of disabled people and promotes their equality, represents their interests in the GFZ, and is there to support and advise them.


Youth and Education Representative Body

Chair: - , Deputies: -

The interests of our trainees are currently being represented by the Staff Council.

Our centre makes an important contribution to the education of young people. Their special interests are understood by JAV, the youth and and education representative body.


PhD representatives

The PhD representatives represents doctoral students' interests and is their point of contact in all matters that concern them. In the GFZ, they provide an interface between doctoral students, the research centre, and the universities involved. There are regular seminars for doctoral students where they can share scientific information and there is also a PhD day every year. Social contacts can be established at the barbecue evenings and other events. 


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