Flexible Working Time Models

GFZ employees can structure their working hours flexibly within a specific framework that includes flexitime, teleworking, and various part-time models.

Daily working hours at the GFZ are generally flexible. A working hours framework and core working hours apply. Flexitime allows employees to decide the times they start and finish work themselves to a great extent. A detailed works agreement governs the conditions for working hours.

To facilitate greater flexibility in work and family life, a teleworking position may be agreed for a GFZ employee, with the work then being done from home. The extent and duration of a teleworking position are tailored to individual needs. A works agreement has also been agreed between the employee committee and the GFZ for this.

Along with positions that were originally part-time, all new positions at the GFZ are basically eligible for a part-time option, with few exceptions. Furthermore, the GFZ creates options for employees who already work full-time and who may wish to work part-time. Various part-time models are used for structuring the part-time work in order to be able to take into account the individual wishes of employees.

Further Information

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