Internship at the GFZ


It is possible for students to do an internship at the GFZ, not only if it is required by study regulations. The length of the internship is subject to the wishes and requirements of the intern and the GFZ's capacities. However, voluntary interships have a max. length of 3 months.

Interships can take place in all divsions of the GFZ, in research or adminstration. But the GFZ does not advertise intern positions.

Interns whose study regulations require an internship do not receive any financial benefits. Students whose voluntary internship at the GFZ is longer than 4 weeks and who are not residents of Potsdam or its surroundings, are compensated with 250 EUR/month.


Internships are meant to be for students with a specific interest in a particular research topic. In order to become an intern, you should find the adequate section or research group where you would like the internship to take place. There you should find a person who is conducting research in the field of interest to you and get in contact with her/him. A good start for the necessary inquiry is this site. Applications need a motivational letter, the CV and certificates/ performance records.

Please note that application documents will not be returned.