Fields of application

The GFZ is active in various subject areas ranging from basic to applied research. This includes in particular

  • the supply of socially relevant geodata from terrestrial and satellite-based earth observation,
  • the reduction of risks from natural hazards including early warning,
  • the environmentally compatible use of natural resources and energy raw materials,
  • and the management of the consequences of global change, especially adaptation to the consequences of climate change.

The following fields of application are particularly relevant for technology transfer and economic application, e.g. in the form of corporate cooperation, contract research, services, licensing, spin-offs, but also pre-competitive innovative collaborative research:


  • Geodata management and communication in real time
  • Methods and tools for geodata analysis and evaluation
  • Methods and tools for visualization of geodata
  • Methods, data processing and software development in the field of remote sensing
  • IT infrastructure and cloud computing

Reduction of risks from natural hazards

  • Models, data, software, tools for monitoring (e.g., earthquake, tsunami, flood, landslide)
  • Tools for assessing the vulnerability of infrastructure
  • System solutions for early warning systems
  • Geo-disaster acute management

Land use management

  • Methods for land use analysis (urban, environmental planning, industrial infrastructure, agriculture)
  • Analysis and prediction of geo- and microbiological processes in the subsurface and on the earth's surface
  • Climate changes with influence on land uses and natural functions


  • Analysis and evaluation of deposits
  • Utilization concepts for mineral resources, hydrocarbons, groundwater, geothermal energy
  • new methods of geophysical and remote sensing exploration of resources


  • Geotechnical development of the geological substrate
  • Design and monitoring of economic use of georeservoirs (geothermal energy, storage)
  • Sensors for drilling, mining, monitoring and other geotechnical applications
  • New components and system solutions for geothermal energy production
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