Our services include

  • general opportunities for cooperation, e.g. in projects in our application fields
  • concrete technology offers e.g. for licensing (see selection below)
  • the use of research infrastructure by external commercial users

The equipment and infrastructures are available to commercial and cooperation partners, on a case-by-case basis for a fee. Further information is available on our site research infrastructure and in the search portal for data and instruments of the GFZ.

Please contact us to discuss availability and general conditions!

Technology offers (selection)

Monitoring system for predicting process disturbances in biogas plants

The monitoring system for predicting process disturbances in biogas plants is based on three patented early warning indicators. These are suitable for the early identification of process disturbances in biogas plants (agricultural, sewage sludge and/or lipid-containing waste) and if necessary Wastewater treatment plants.

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Automated water sample collector for environmental analysis

The automated sampler enables autonomous, robust sampling. It can be used in the field for several years to obtain and store water samples for environmental analysis (including isotope analysis). Sample storage takes place without atmospheric exchange and enables the following analyses: environmental monitoring, water analysis, isotope analysis, tracer analysis.

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Highly accurate positioning with the tinyBlack GNSS data acquisition system

The tinyBlack is a robust unit for recording GNSS raw data. It consists of a Linux PC and a 2-frequency GNSS receiver that uses the civilian signals from GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou. The tinyBlack is therefore suitable for the highly accurate determination of coordinates (e.B. for monitoring dams or volcanoes), as a reference station (e.B. for drones) in post-processing and for determining the water vapor content of the atmosphere.

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