The GFZ promotes spin-offs of its employees with the aim of generating real innovations from scientific results. Since 2004, 16 spin-offs and start-ups have been spun off from the GFZ.

The following are brief portraits of some of the companies that were founded out of the GFZ:

DiGOS Potsdam GmbH

Development and distribution of geophysical and geodetic observation systems

 In the geophysical domain DiGOS produces and distributes compact and extremely low-power seismic recorders for the operation of seismometers, geophones and infra-sound sensors. Additionally, DiGOS develops tailored communication and streaming solutions for various scientific sensor systems in the field. In the geodetic domain DiGOS is a system integrator. Key activities include the development and delivery of turn-key Satellite Laser Ranging stations with the focus on autonomous satellite laser communication as a future add-on application.

DynaFrax UG (limited liability)

Experts in Dynamics of Rock Fractures for GeoCoupledProcess Modeling and GeoHazardRisk Analysis

The DynaFrax UG (limited liability) provides clients with software-based solutions for dealing with the dynamic behavior of subsurface fracture systems during fluid injection, heat storage, and underground nuclear waste disposal. It does so using its proprietary geoprocess simulator, DcubeRock (Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical & Dynamic coupled geoprocess simulator). The goal is to ensure environmentally friendly and efficient use of subsurface resources.

fastloc GmbH

Seismic reservoir monitoring in near-real time.

The fastloc GmbH started in 2015 with the goal to offer innovative concepts for fully automated seismic monitoring of geo-reservoirs in near-real time. Among others, this concerns the stimulation of geothermal reservoirs, long-term underground gas storage, but also mining industry projects. Furthermore, consulting for the solution of geomechanical problems and modeling of sensitivities of seismic monitoring networks and their optimization are offered. fastloc GmbH was founded by senior staff of the GFZ section 'Geomechanics and Scientific Drilling'.

geomecon GmbH

Consulting and software development in rock mechanics and geomodelling

The determination of rock properties and the complex stress field modelling complement the geomechanical consulting, which runs from geophysical foundations, to stability analysis, to comprehensive system evaluation for drilling planning and activities.

The focus is users from the geothermal, mineral extraction, hydrocarbon and mechanical engineering industry. geomecon GmbH was founded in 2004 by senior staff from the GFZ.

gempa GmbH

Consulting and software development for geomonitoring and early natural disaster warnings.

gempa develops tailor-made solutions for the monitoring of critical infrastructures and developed the seismological monitoring software seiscomp3.

GeoSPS UG (limited liability)

GNSS Assisted Smartphone Precise Positioning.

The GeoSPS UG (limited liability) (Geo Smart Phone Solutions) offers software-based services and products. Using a self-developed algorithm (GASPP: GNSS Assisted Smartphone Precise Positioning), GeoSPS UG significantly increases the accuracy of smartphone positioning data. It is currently developing a service for platform providers and companies in the Internet of Things (IoT) sector.


Consulation for hydrocarbon deposits and reservoir modelling

GEOS4 offers consulting services for the upstream sector of the oil industry. GEOS4 is specialized in the prediction of the chemical composition and the physical properties of oil during the exploration and production phase.


Stone quarrying was yesterday

MKfactory offers hand-crafted preparation services for the fields of historic preservation, restoration, mining, materials testing and industry. It produces thin sections from a wide variety of materials for a wide range of applications. It also offers preparation of relevant exhibitions and training of specialized personnel.

rad. Data Spectral Analytics UG (limited liability)

Spectral Image Analysis for Mining.

The rad. Data Spectral Analytics UG (limited liability) provides services and technology development for the international mining industry. It develops turnkey solutions for areal localization and characterization of mineral deposits. Using multi- and hyperspectral image analysis ("ReSens+"), it works across the entire scale range from satellite to laboratory setup. Real-time visualization of mineral properties and further evaluation with the aid of artificial intelligence are thus possible. It thus offers mining companies a significant increase in efficiency and work safety.

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