Further education and training

Further education and training measures for external parties have traditionally been of great importance at the GFZ. In addition to the offerings through the GFZ School Lab and the GeoWunderWerkstatt for pre-school, elementary school, and secondary school students, the center also offers advanced training for teachers in subjects relevant to geoscience.

In addition, online training courses on the use of freely available satellite data are offered in the field of satellite remote sensing. These are summarized on the website FERN.Lern.

Other examples of in-service training in various subject areas include:

  • Annual UNESCO training courses on seismology and seismic hazard assessment for participants from developing countries and countries in transition
  • E-learning training course "Flood Risk Analysis" for the World Bank Institute
  • International Continental Scientific Drilling Program ICDP: Training courses, for participants from the 21 ICDP member countries plus UNESCO, countries with planned ICDP membership, and developing countries 
  • PROTECTS and InaTEWS: Capacity Development (Project for Training, Education and Consulting for Tsunami Early Warning Systems: training program for the sustainability of GITEWS, training courses in seismology and networks)
  • Cooperation with school students within the framework of "Jugend forscht"
  • Freely available software tutorials  on landscape evolution in Earth surface process modeling on GitHub.

Do you have other topics that you find exciting? Then please feel free to contact us!

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