Software is becoming increasingly important in the context of digitization. Research software developed at the GFZ is not only relevant as a key component in the process of gaining scientific knowledge and part of the research infrastructure, but also a valuable resource for transfer. The systematic collection of research software, its sustainable use, valorization and making it accessible is of high strategic importance at the GFZ. To meet this requirement, we implemented a software exploitation and licensing guideline in 2020, as well as processes such as for software reporting (intranet).

Since November 2021, the GFZ has been a partner in the BMBF-funded joint project SoftWert, which has set itself the goal of creating a method kit for the exploitation of scientific software, with a clear focus on the transfer of software solutions to industry. Our center has already spawned many software-based spin-offs and granted numerous software licenses, both for open source software solutions and proprietary software.

A selection of both commercially and scientifically relevant software developed at the GFZ can be found in our software portal.

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