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Successful networking drives synergy effects: exchanging information or ideas enhances the spectrum of competencies, and sharing resources avoids the duplication of activities or investments. Thus, networks support the realization of complex tasks that are difficult or impossible for individuals to tackle.

The GFZ acts in several networks.
These comprise national and international research networks, strategic partnerships, professional societies, communication, transfer networks, as well as the GFZ Alumni and the Association of Friends and Sponsors of the GFZ.

We analyze the diversity of network relationships and monitor their impact on science at the GFZ. We prepare this information for individual use by the researchers at the GFZ. Simultaneously, our networking relationships form the basis for sustainable strategic decisions and investments.

At GFZ, we support the networking of scientific interests and working groups and design suitable structures for joint collaboration with the scientists. Networks affect many of the GFZ's activities. We therefore collaborate closely in the Executive Board team.

Contact persons for the various networks include:

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