Bodies of the Helmholtz Centre Potsdam - GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences

Scientific Advisory Council

The Scientific Advisory Board of the GFZ advises the Board of Trustees and the Executive Board on all areas of research and development. The consultation explicitly includes the strategy and planning of the research and development work at the GFZ, exploitation of results, collaboration with national and international institutions as well as appointment matters.

  • Prof. Domenico Giardini (Chair), Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (ETH) Zurich, Switzerland
  • Vice Chairtba
  • Prof. Véronique Dehant, Royal Observatory of Belgium, Brussels
  • Prof. Bruce Donald Dingwell, LMU München, Department Geo- und Umweltwissenschaften, Germany
  • Prof. Insa Neuweiler, Institut für Strömungsmechanik und Umweltphysik im Bauwesen, University of Hannover, Germany
  • Prof. Dr. Eiko Räkers, CEO DMT Essen
  • Prof. Philip Ringrose, Statoil und NTNU Trondheim, Department Geowissenschaft und Petroleum, Norway
  • Prof. Thomas Scholten,  Institute of Geography Department of Geoscience, Eberhard-Karls-University Tübingen, Germany
  • Prof. Susan Stipp, Universität of Copenhagen, Department of Chemistry, Denmark
  • Prof. Agnès Voisard, Free University of Berlin, Institute of Informatics, Germany
  • Prof. Laurence N. Warr, Institute of Geography and Geology, Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-University Greifswald, Germany
  • Prof. Barbara Wohlfarth, Stockholm University, Department of Geological Sciences, Sweden


Oliver Bens
Dr. Oliver Bens
Staff Scientific Executive Board
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