Professional trainings for environmental agencies

The aim of this project is to familiarise employees of environmental agencies (in the DACH region) with the european Copernicus programme and to show the potential of remote sensing data for environmental tasks.

In a workshop format with small groups (max. 18 participants), the focus is not only on teaching the basics of remote sensing and demonstrating real-life application examples, but also on practice-oriented, intensive work with satellite data in a geoinformation system. The concept and the contents were developed in cooperation with representatives of German and Austrian environmental agencies.

The training courses are primarily aimed at people who have had little or no experience in working with remote sensing data. But also advanced users, who want to gain an overview of Copernicus and real practical examples, are addressed. In order to take the different levels of knowledge into account, synchronous hands-on training and asynchronous learning units (e.g. video tutorials) are offered.

The training materials will be made available free of charge to all interested users in the form of videos, presentations and digital handouts. This enables participants to pass on the acquired knowledge to other employees/colleagues (train-the-trainer).

For more information on the training courses and to register, click here.



This paper is supported by the European Union’s Caroline Herschel Framework Partnership Agreement on Copernicus User Uptake under grant agreement No FPA 275/G/GRO/COPE/17/10042, project FPCUP (Framework Partnership Agreement on Copernicus User Uptake), Action 2019-2-12 "Professional trainings for environmental agencies" (275/G/GRO/COPE/17/10042).

project duration: 10/2021 - 10/2022


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