GFZ will coordinate a major Horizon Europe geoscience infrastructure project combining more than 150 access points for geo-data and high-performance computing codes.
Four people stand in the lecture hall with their backs to the audience. Niels Hovius and Susanne Buiter hold their bouquets.
Ceremonial inauguration of the new GFZ Executive Director Susanne Buiter by the Chair of the Board of Trustees Oda Keppler, Helmholtz President Otmar Wiestler and Interim Executive Director Niels Hovius.
Drei Männer: Bruno Merz + 2 Personenen von der Internationalen Vereinigung für Hydrologie
Bruno Merz was awarded the "Volker Medal" by the International Association of Hydrological Sciences in Montpellier.
Street at night with dimmed street lights.
“Leon Gaster Award” for Christopher Kyba honours “the best paper concerning lighting applications” published in 2021 in the journal “Lighting Research & Technology”.
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