1 Department6/sec61 - Helmholtz-Zentrum Potsdam - Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum GFZ
(Co-) Autor: Blöcher, G.

  • Blöcher, G., Brehme, M., Valickas, R., Petrauskas, S., Huenges, E. (2016): Solutions for low-productive geothermal reservoirs - Beiträge, Praxisforum Geothermie Bayern (München, Germany 2016).

  • Watanabe, N., Blöcher, G., Cacace, M., Shao, H. (2016): Numerical modelling of coupled TH processes to facilitate analysis of geothermal reservoirs - Presentations, EERA Annual Conference (Birmingham, UK 2016).