Plate Boundary Observatory Chile

Integrated Plate boundary Observatory Chile (IPOC)

The plate boundary observatory in Chile is a multi-parameter observational network operated jointly by several sections of the GFZ and external partners. It covers the Iquique gap in Northern Chile, which last experienced a great megathrust earthquake in 1877.
The aim of the IPOC network is to setup a platform of observatories covering a wide spectrum of geoscientific methods. Besides broad band seismometers, ground acceleration and meteorological data, we collect continuous, collocated GPS data and magnetotelluric sensors. This allows for the combined evaluation of independent methods (i.e. strong motion/GPS). From this unique data set we want to gain new insights in geophysical processes before, during, and after strong megathrust earthquakes, ultimately improving hazard assessment.

The contribution of Section 2.4 is to provide the operational platform, the installation of the and operation of 15 20 broadband/strong motion sensors, the establishment of real-time data links and data archival and distribution. Data from the broadband seismic network are available to the scientific community, and to the Chilean government (ONEMI) and research facilties (Servicio Sismológico de Chile) in real time.

Dr. G√ľnter Asch (GFZ Potsdam)