Data, Products and Services of Section 2.6

World Stress Map Database 2016

Global database with data records of the contemporary stress state of the Earth's crust and interactive service for the generation of user-specific stress maps with the database interface CASMO - Create A Stress Map Online.

EMS-98 and Earthquake Catalogues

Provision of the European Makroseismic Scale EMS-98 and of the earthquake catalogues EMEC (Catalog for Europe and the Mediterranean), CENEC (unified catalogue for Central, Northern and North-Western Europe) and SHEEC (SHARE project catalogue).

Probabilistic Seismic Hazard maps

Interactive seismic hazard map retrieval for Germany and site-specific acceleration response spectra maps for different hazard levels and macroseismic intensities maps for Germany as well as the global hazard map service based on the project GSHAP.

Seismic Loads for Germany

Seismic load parameters for the German building code DIN EN 1998-1/NA:2011-01, the german zonation map,  (former DIN 4149:2005-04) and building code DIN 19700, the safety regulation for hydraulic structures in Germany.


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Seismic Hazard and
Stress Field

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