Earthquake source physics

Our team develops advanced waveform based methods for the analysis of seismic signals to investigate earthquake nucleation and rupture propagation processes. Target of our analysis are natural and anthropogenic earthquakes at very different scales, from MHz acoustic emissions recordings produced by cm scale fractures to broadband recordings following megathrust earthquakes. Methodological advances include microearthquake detection, waveform based location, moment tensor inversion and seismic source investigations, finite source modelling, seismic signal classification and earthquake clustering. Natural earthquake processes are mostly studied at plate boundaries, in particular in the framework of the integrated plate boundary observatory (PBO) in Northern Chile. As for induced seismicity, we are mostly active in the field of mining and fluid induced seismicity, with a special interest towards earthquakes associated to hydraulic fracturing and fluid injection operations.

Earthquake source physics team
in Section 2.1: Physics of Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Dr. Simone Cesca   H7/204
Dr. Daniela Kühn    H7/206
Dr. Jose Angel Lopez Comino   H7/202
M.Sc. Geophys. Marius Kriegerowski   H7/202
M.Sc. Geophys. Peter Niemz   H7/202


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Physics of Earthquakes and Volcanoes

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