Section 2.1: Physics of Earthquakes and Volcanoes

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We investigate how earthquakes nucleate, rupture and interact, how volcanic unrest develops and possibly leads to eruptions, how the hazard of earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis can be assessed and how to rapidly obtain and provide information on such extreme events after their occurrence. In a broadest sense, we aim to reduce georisk from such natural hazards.                                                                      more.....


Poster to the Strong earthquake in the Iraqi-Iranian border region
on 12 November 2017

GFZ Potsdam Section 2.1
GFZ Potsdam Section 2.1


Our goals and mission are to: 

  • Perform advanced research in the field of observational and theoretical earthquake and volcano seismology and related phenomena. Key questions concern the better understanding of the physics of earthquake sources, volcanic unrest, crustal deformation and the hazard posed by structural weaknesses as well as  stress and pressure changes in the crust.
  • Further develop and sustain the research center in earthquake and volcano seismology, serving the scientific community by the development and distribution of novel methods and software tools, advanced training and global database services including fast source parameter estimation, rapid monitoring and real-time seismology issues. The scientific reputation shall be sustained on the highest level in order to attract the best and most motivated young researchers.
  • Inform the public and civil protection by appropriate publications, lectures, expert statements and other means about earthquake and volcanic unrest and related phenomena. 

See the structural overview, research topics  and the list of projects for more information.                                                                                                      more...


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Prof. Dr. Torsten Dahm
Physics of Earthquakes and Volcanoes

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Ms. Susanne Köster
Assistance of Physics of Earthquakes and Volcanoes

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