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Dipl.-Phys. Walburga Korolevski

Section 2.7: Near-surface Geophysics

Helmholtz Centre Potsdam
GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences

Building E, room 420
14473 Potsdam
Phone: +49 331 288-1248
e-mail: walburga.korolevski(at)

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I am a member of the Geo-Electromagnetics working group within the section 2.2 “Geophysical Deep Sounding”. My current research interests are stochastic inversion methods and magnetotelluric (MT) investigation of the continental collision zone Asia-India.


TIPTIMON (Tien-Shan-Pamir Monitoring Program): investigation of the 3D crustal structure in the Pamirs as a part of cross-disciplinary BMBF project