Hillslope and Ecohydrology

Hydrological processes at the plot, hillslope and small catchment scale control runoff generation and the export of solutes and particulate matter.

Flood Risk and Climate Adaptation

The recent floods in June 2013 and August 2002 were the most costly natural disasters in Germany, causing damage of 8 billion euros and 12 billion euros, respectively.

Hydrogravimetry and large-scale hydrology

Climate change, changes of land use and of land surface properties, and the human use of water resources have a massive impact on the water cycle.

Hydrological Extremes

Hydrological extremes, i.e. floods and droughts, are globally important natural hazards. Floods and droughts with extreme consequences result from the superposition of various processes at different space- and time scales: physical processes in the atmosphere, in the catchments, in the river systems, and socio-economic processes which feed back, in turn, on physical processes.