A. GRACE Geodesy

A.1 Analysis Techniques & Inter-comparisons

For presentations on methods, algorithms and results from GRACE data analysis and error assessments providing insights into spatio-temporal signal content including diverse methods of error reduction. The session also invites discussions on inter-comparisons between various GRACE gravity time-series and assessments of the significance of the differences and analysis of possible causes.

Session Convener: Srinivas Bettadpur

A.2 GRACE Follow-On & NGGM

Discussion of the status of the GRACE Follow-On mission and progress towards the realization, technology, simulation and error analyses of Next Generation Gravity Mission concepts. Also invited are papers dealing with methods other than GRACE for bridging the potential data gap between GRACE and GRACE Follow-On.

Session Convener: Felix Landerer

B. Geophysics & Climate Science Applications

B.1 Solid Earth Sciences

Papers are invited on studies of the GIA and the Earth's crustal structure; lithospheric and mantle properties; analyses of seismic events, etc, using the long-term mean and time-variable gravity field.

Session Convener: Erik Ivins

B.2 Cryosphere

This session will address the measurements of change in the Earth's ice sheets, at all spatio-temporal scales, the science advancements and open questions in the interpretation of these GRACE results, current uncertainties as well fusion/cross-validation of GRACE data with other sensors and models.

Session Convener: Ingo Sasgen

B.3 Oceanography

Papers are solicited on the advances in oceanographic applications of GRACE data products, including signal interpretation and model assimilation. Other topics include, but are not limited to, the validation of data products, the studies of regional or global oceanographic processes, exploitation of GRACE data products jointly with data from other missions (such as GOCE), or other in situ oceanographic measurement systems (e.g. ARGO), etc.

Session Convener: Richard Ray

B.4 Hydrology

Papers are solicited on advances in hydrological applications of GRACE data products, including signal interpretation and model assimilation. Papers on the assessment of hydrological trends and long-term water storage variations are solicited, as are paper reporting on GRACE data products that are optimized for terrestrial hydrology.

Session Convener: Andreas Güntner

B.5 Multidisciplinary Science

Some GRACE science topics do not readily fit into the categories available below. If you are unsure where your paper topics fit, please submit to this session. We will sort it out later.

Session Convener: Carmen Böning

B.6 Applications

This session focuses on the applications of GRACE/GRACE-FO, together with other remote sensing, in-situ or numerical model data, to inform resource management, policy development, and decision-making at all time-scales. Some examples include EU's EGSIEM project, NASA's Applied Sciences Program, and other such efforts.

Session Convener: Annette Eicker


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Global Geomonitoring and Gravity Field

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