Our expertise is based on many years in interdisciplinary research with holistic and sustainable approaches. The following clusters are established within the section:

International Activities

Since 2009 the international research activities of GFZ in the field of geothermal technologies are coordinated by the International Centre for Geothermal Research.

Temperature Field of the Earth

Knowledge of the subsurface thermal conditions is of paramount importance for the evaluation of geo-resources.Thus the characterization of thermo-hydraulic rock properties and of effective heat-transport processes is essential part of advanced exploration technologies for these resources.

Exploration Geology

Geothermal resources occur in different geological settings in which heat transport is either dominated by convection or conduction. We categorize geothermal resources into play types according to their structural setting and likelihood to host geothermal resources.


Geothermal Fluids

Geothermal fluids are the transport media for subsurface heat, and, therefore, the essential substance of geothermal energy production. They consist of a mixture of gas and condensed phases with complex chemical compositions. An exact understanding of the physical properties and chemical tendencies of these fluids are necessary for modeling the many processes occurring during fluid transport. Such models are required for minimizing risk and improving plant sustainability.

Rock Physics

Scientific themes in rock physics are experimentally focused and relate to interrelations between physical properties of rock and its inner structure.


An economic use of geothermal reservoirs requires analysis of the geological system, including chemical and petrophysical reservoir characterization, reservoir stimulation and modelling as well as understanding of the interaction in the borehole-reservoir system.

Reservoir Monitoring

The reservoir monitoring cluster studies natural and artificially induced flow processes within the subsurface. Within field experiments innovative borehole measurement methods are applied and developed.

Process and Plant Technologies

Use of the subsurface for energy production and storage is an important component of future-oriented and sustainable energy supply.


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