Section 6.2: Geothermal Energy Systems

We develop technologies for making use of the underground in the context of a sustainable, environmentally friendly energy supply.
The main purpose of our work in the Section Geothermal Energy Systems (formerly: Reservoir Technologies) is the exploration and development of reservoirs for energy purposes. This goes hand in hand with the development of reliable technologies to extract the Earth's heat. Because we approach these topics in a comprehensive, holistic way, the researchers in our section have background in various disciplines of Earth science and engineering disciplines.

International Centre for Geothermal Research ICGR

Since 2009 the international research activities of GFZ in the field of geothermal technologies are coordinated by the International Centre for Geothermal Research. Since then the International Centre for Geothermal Research at GFZ is a coordination platform for multidisciplinary international and national research projects on geothermal energy supply. Until the end of 2015 organized as one of the Technology Transfer Centres in the context of Exploration and Exploitation of the Subterranean Space the activities of the ICGR will be continued in the Section "Geothermal Energy Systems" by 2016. Through the lead of Prof. Dr. E. Huenges and inclusion of all ICGR staff into the Section "Geothermal Energy Systems" continuity of the current work is guaranteed.

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Prof. Dr. Ernst Huenges
Geothermal Energy Systems

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Ms. Martina Pakos
Assistance of Geothermal Energy Systems

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