Q: Which instruments are available, and which not?
The GIPP provides digital datarecorders and sensors for magnetotelluric and seismological measurements (both passive seismological networks and controlled source experiments; including cables and transport boxes). Detailed information of the instrumentation can be found here (link). Batteries and solar panels are not part of the GIPP (Exception: For DEPAS stations approx. 30 50W-solar panels are available). In any case, please list your requirements for batteries and solar panels in your application and/or contact christian.haberland(at)gfz-potsdam.de. Service computer and downloading units (for hard drives) are also not part of the GIPP (this issue is covered in the preparatory meeting before instrument supply).

Q: Which services offers the GIPP?
In addition to the instrument supply on loan, the GIPP offers consulting and the introduction in the operation of the instruments (training). Additionally, the GIPP provides software for data preprocessing (e.g., GIPPtools by Christof Lendl). The GIPP does not organize transportation or customs clearance/declaration, or provides funds for these issues.

Q: Who can apply for instruments and for which purpose?
Members of Universities and other research institutions can apply for instruments. The GIPP supports primarily academic research.

Q: What do I have to pay for the instrument rental?
The instrument supply on loan is free of charge for users at universities and other research institutions. Funds for installation, operation, transports, customs charges etc. have to be provided by the applicant.

Q: How long can I install the equipment in the field?
The usual maximum rental period is 2 years; longer periods and extension on request (christian.haberland(at)gfz-potsdam.de).

Q: How does the application procedure looks like?
The application procedure is described here (link).

Q: What do I have to keep in mind regarding transportation of equipment and customs?
Neither organization of transport and customs declaration nor funding for these issues are covered by the GIPP. However, details on these issues are discussed during the preparatory meeting before the instrument supply. Copies of customs forms have to be sent to the GIPP.

Q: Which deadlines have to be met?
Applications should be sent to the GIPP 4 weeks before the steering board meetings (usually in April and October). The next date can be checked here (link). Applications should be sent to the GIPP one to one and a half years before the expected start of the experiment. Two months before the instrument supply a preparatory meeting has to be arranged.

Q: Which general aspects have to considered when applying for GIPP instruments?
The rental rules are basically laid down in 2 documents, “Rules of instrument supply on loan to external users” and  "Rules of instrument supply on loan through the geophysical Instrument Pool (GIPP) of the GFZ"


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